December 2021

December 2021

The addition of prebiotic components such as inulin, polydextrose, and modified starch, in the Greek yogurts increases the probiotic viability that could be modified during the serum desorption process also affecting the physico-chemical characteristics, appearance, flavor, texture, and overall impression of the yogurt.

Inulin addition in Greek yogurts produces lower pH values and consistency and higher titratable acidity during storage, with less impact on the sensory acceptance at the end of the storage period. Polydextrose addition results in products with lower consistency, but similar sensory acceptance to the full-fat yogurt.

Synbiotic Greek yogurts composed probiotic and inulin or polydextrose as prebiotic component, are recommended to obtain an optimal combination to achieve the healthy multi-functional action.

Suggested by students of Applied Microbiology course academic year 2021/22 for you.

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